The Astera ART7 allows wireless control of the Astera Titan tubes, and links the via Bluetooth to your phones Astera App to control the Titan tubes.

AsteraBox – ART7

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Size: 14cm x 8cm x 6cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.23 kg

Product Description

The Astera Box – ART7 Wireless Controller is the interface between lights and controller. It works as Bluetooth Bridge that can be carried on your belt thanks to its built-in battery. It can also be connected to a DMX desk to transmit wireless DMX data to all Astera lights and other lights with CRMX receiver.

Wireless DMX Transmitter

Connect the AsteraBox to your DMX console via the included DMX Adapter Cable to transmit wireless DMX data to your lights. We have included a CRMX module from LumenRadio which enables you to communicate to all lights with built-in CRMX module. The AsteraBox can also be set as a DMX receiver if needed.

App Control

Use the AsteraBox as Bluetooth Bridge – the interface between AsteraApp and lights. Once connected, this enables control, monitoring, and setup of the lights. With Astera’s Talkback+ feature, lights can talk back to the AsteraApp, these commands are automatically forwarded by the AsteraBox.

Google Play Store

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Instruction Manual

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